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Something old, Something new

(Alexa Chung in Vintage)

Classic clothing will never go out of style. If you take a look at the world of fashion, you will find echoes of the past…some of which are not so subtle. Take a look at pretty much any runway show and you will see clothing that pays tribute to the styles of eras gone by. 

Movie stars, musicians, it girls and socialites alike are often spotted wearing vintage…why is this? You are about to read the many reasons why ladies look to the past when choosing today’s looks!

Vintage is a favourite of so many of us because the hype is justified! The world of fashion moves in a circles, where what was once considered ‘old’ becomes new and popular again! Because of this, vintage clothing is really versatile. It can feel current and fresh, or you can pay tribute to days gone by if you choose, it is all about how you wear it. Mix and match pieces for a look that isn’t dated or overly retro (a vintage top, jeans and heels is one of my favourite choices for a night out) You can wear vintage clothing alongside current trends or you can of course make your own ‘trends’ when mixing vintage pieces with what you already have in your wardrobe.

(Fearne Cotton in Vintage)

The truth is that there is so much more to vintage than simply used clothes. These pieces had style in their time and continue to have style today, even though the era in which it was originally made may have long gone by.

Whether it is an eclectic jacket, printed blouse or embellished bag, vintage clothing and accessories can enhance your wardrobe in many ways. Vintage stores can offer you a wealth of gorgeous, unique items at great prices. The best thing about wearing vintage is that it can satisfy pretty much any fashionable need, from casual day wear to something chic and stand out for an upcoming wedding.

(Kirsten Dunst in vintage)

Vintage is Unique

We have all had that moment…you walk into a party/wedding/bar and spot another girl in the same dress as you (This has happened to me at LEAST twice, once at a wedding, once in a bar in Belfast…I wasn’t happy) Having spent a lot of time and maybe money choosing an outfit, this can feel horrible! With vintage, you can be spared moments like these because the pieces you have purchased are one of a kind. When you are wearing a vintage item, you are wearing a unique item that could very well be the only one left of it’s kind. Vintage clothing ranges in age from 30-80 years old, and for the most part, items were produced in much smaller quantities than pieces are today. 

This is one of the main reasons why so many stars opt to wear vintage on red carpets. They don’t want to be spotted in the same dress a fellow celeb has already worn and so they will ask their stylists to find them something which is one of a kind- something vintage. Wearing vintage is a sure fire way to guarantee that you will stand out from the crowd!

(Reese Witherspoon in Vintage)

Vintage has a positive impact on the environment

We modern women care about the environment, and rightly so! There is no question that the production of new clothing can have a negative impact on our world, whether that is through harmful emissions or sweatshop labour and so unfortunately the process of manufacturing clothing can be a destructive one. Making the most of the clothing which is already in the world lessens this impact!

Vintage is a source of inspiration

It is no secret that many fashion designers take inspiration from the clothing of the past for their collections. It is not uncommon for a designer to make patterns based on vintage pieces they find. Industry insiders have always been vintage enthusiasts, and with good reason. There is no better place to be inspired by than the past. 


(Dita Von Teese in vintage)

Vintage has history

I love the feeling that the vintage clothing I buy has already lived a life before I wear it. Vintage clothing helps to add some character and a ‘story’ to your style. When you purchase a vintage dress, you are wearing something which has seen life! A vintage item may have seen good and bad times, yet still remains stylish. 

Of course, vintage was fab long before the stars started to wear it, but I do love to hear that an A-Lister has chosen to wear vintage. The growing number of celebrities who do choose to wear vintage, either in their day to day lives or at high profile events, show that this is a trend which won’t be going away!

Advice from Lily Allen on vintage shopping:

First, ignore the sizing. A size 12 now is different to a size 12 in the 1970s. If something is too big but you love it, get it taken in . Don’t go with the mindset that you want to reference a certain era. Just try lots of things on, and have fun with it – I like to play with clothes all the time. Some eras are good for certain things – the 1920s are good for summery, beaded dresses, the 1970s are great for maxi floral dresses and the 1980s for harder-looking jackets and jeans. And don’t worry about looking too vintage – many current designers go shopping for vintage for inspiration for their lines, so you can get a modern look

Drew Barrymore: “My fashion is influenced by eras depending on the mood I wake up in that day. Am I feeling retro Sixties? Am I Seventies hippy chick?”

This is one of my favourite things about vintage clothing. Whether it is an original piece, or something that has been inspired by a bygone era, you don’t have to follow the crowd. You can simply pick a decade, pick a mood and off you go!

(Drew Barrymore in vintage)

Dawn O’Porter: Why is vintage clothing less likely to be throwaway? Is it because it’s better made, or because it doesn’t go out of style, or is it something else?

“I think it’s the fact that the styles are timeless, because they’re old-fashioned. So many designers now look to the past for their inspiration when creating new looks, but if you get one from the past, it won’t go out of fashion. Also, it’s not necessarily that they’re always better-made, but the styles are quite exciting, and I like the idea that I’m spending my money on clothes that not everybody else has. It allows you to have your own style without being dictated to by the fashion industry, and to have a style that doesn’t change so quickly.

If you are new to vintage shopping, the best advice I can give you is to get stuck in! Be brave and forget any ‘rules’ about style you might have read, it is time to try something new. Well…old, but new…you know what I mean! But most important of all is to have fun! If something makes you smile..it’s perfect for you!

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